Jens Oettrich’s repertoire is extensive: chart hits with the legendary electronic project Dune, campaign compositions for Coca Cola, scores for prime time TV series, mixes for international artists like Tokio Hotel, and album productions from pop to electro. Oettrich always gives 100 % – but his greatest strength is making the theme and the artist shine.

For almost ten years, Jens Oettrich is successful as composer and producer for the cult band Dune. The first single Hardcore Vibes hits the charts straight away in 1995 and takes a whole generation on a journey, earning several gold and platinum awards, and leading to recordings with Will Malone and the London Session Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. At the same time, he expands his international portfolio beginning of 2000, and produces the singer Crystal Waters together with the Berman Brothers in New York. Upon his return, he founds his own studio in Berlin achieving a reputation as a determined producer without genre limits.

Jens Oettrich is empathic, listens and delivers the suitable sound for the most diverse demands: DJ Namito, original Berlin techno pioneer, swears by his qualities as do alternative scene’s “secret favorites” MitteKill or Nachlader. In close cooperation with labels he creates remixes for ambitious artists like Tokio Hotel, Dannii Minogue, German electro rock’s enfant terrible Deichkind or multi- platinum pop duo Ich + Ich.

Oettrich enjoys being commercial: advertising music for Coca Cola and the brand Lenor’s European campaign prove that. Additionally, he is an established name as a composer for film and TV. Every year since 2003, he produces signature tunes and scores for German prime time shows like private TV RTL’s long runner Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten as well as public channel success productions. Currently Oettrich works on a TV project for Nova Film, which will be aired from September, and produces the eagerly awaited third album by former Lemonbaby Diane Weigmann.

Jens Oettrich’s productions are not restricted by prejudice. The trained guitarist is deliberately versatile and delights in originality. He can do charts and indie, speaks German and International – has a knack for hits and a heart for artists. Beside creativity and craft, his clients appreciate one thing above all: first class teamwork.